I am a twenty-something food loving fanatic. Whether it's cooking, baking or just watching Food Network all day, it never gets old to me. I have decided after thinking about it for years (as I do with mostly everything I never get around to doing) to start a blog to share my passion. I really decided I was going to do it after I discovered the perfect recipe for flour tortillas, my all time love! I have been missing them ever since moving from Texas to Chicago in 2009, and finally decided to attempt to make my own instead of hauling an obnoxious amount back on a plane once or twice a year. I recently made the move back to Texas in September, so I am happy to say I am home again and can eat homemade tortillas until my little heart and belly explode! 

Besides cooking I love all the good things in life: 


My Sweet Baby Dolce

The Great State of Texas

Last but not least, my main man George Strait!

Thanks for stopping by my blog, I hope you enjoy it! XO